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Hysterical Casserole

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Category Archives: weird stories

The Birds and The Bees of Electricity

  The Birds and The Bees of Electricity: “A Chrismith Story“ Me: “Hey kids, who wants to help me put up the Christmas tree?”  All 4: “Meeee! I do! I do!” Me:  “Can someone help me string the lights?” Jallas:  “I’ll do it, the lights are the best part and Dad says they need to […]

Out of Hand Parking Only

What do you mean that was a bad parking job? No way!  Parking is easy, I can totally do this, sort of.  I just need to get the right angle and, wait… no let me try again.  If I could pull in this way and… oops no, that’s not right either.  Never mind, that will […]

Nothing but the Kitchen Stinks!

Ugh, my kitchen stinks!  I cannot seem to find what it was or where it was coming from.  I mean come on, I know I’m not a clean freak but I’d like to think we don’t have dead cat carcasses stuck underneath the laundry pile somewhere, although that would explain Diddy’s allergies.  Having kids means […]

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