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The Birds and The Bees of Electricity

  The Birds and The Bees of Electricity: “A Chrismith Story“ Me: “Hey kids, who wants to help me put up the Christmas tree?”  All 4: “Meeee! I do! I do!” Me:  “Can someone help me string the lights?” Jallas:  “I’ll do it, the lights are the best part and Dad says they need to […]

Holding On and Letting Go

Holding On and Letting Go What to do when your kids grow-up faster than you… (want them too) It’s the kids’ first day of school and our house was running smoothly (I’m lying, it was utter chaos).  Despite our best efforts to get ready the night before, it was like an elf had made off […]

Food Color Poisoning

Radioactive Food Color Poisoning: How a Parenting Win Began with a Personal Fail. Me: “Kids, it’s bedtime!  Brush your teeth, Pj’s, and get in bed please!”   Sasha: “Mom! You never fed us dinner!”   Me: “Yeah I did!”   Sasha: “Nuh uhhh! You never feed us anymore.”   Me: “You had saltine crackers, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a […]

Bad Parenting at Costco

What does Bad Parenting, The Rock, and Costco have in common? How many steps does it take me to lose my receipt between the checkout line and the exit doors? Answer: About 13. It only takes me 13 steps to unconsciously shove the proof of purchase slip somewhere on my body so that when the […]

Parenting Tips in a Nutshell

Funny parenting tips in a nutshell… Jallas: “MOM! Where is my back pack?” (Watching TV) Me: “Hummm, closet?” Jallas: “MOOOM, where’s my… uh…” (Continues watching TV intently) Me: “Dude. Closet. Look there.” Jallas: “Mom, I need my backpack for school! It’s got my homework in the place thingy, and a paper for you to sign […]

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