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Hysterical Casserole

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Category Archives: embarrassing moments

Food Color Poisoning

Radioactive Food Color Poisoning: How a Parenting Win Began with a Personal Fail. Me: “Kids, it’s bedtime!  Brush your teeth, Pj’s, and get in bed please!”   Sasha: “Mom! You never fed us dinner!”   Me: “Yeah I did!”   Sasha: “Nuh uhhh! You never feed us anymore.”   Me: “You had saltine crackers, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a […]

Parenting Tips in a Nutshell

Funny parenting tips in a nutshell… Jallas: “MOM! Where is my back pack?” (Watching TV) Me: “Hummm, closet?” Jallas: “MOOOM, where’s my… uh…” (Continues watching TV intently) Me: “Dude. Closet. Look there.” Jallas: “Mom, I need my backpack for school! It’s got my homework in the place thingy, and a paper for you to sign […]

Hysterical PMS Symptoms

They Say: Never Trust Anything that Bleeds for Five Days and Doesn’t Die. And without further ado here is a dramatic visual interpretation of my day. I hope you enjoy it, or don’t, your choice. I know I didn’t. Well, didn’t enjoy today that is. I did enjoy creating my hysterical story though. Anyway, this title is […]

Holy Embarrassing!

Holy Embarrassing… How I Accidentally Spanked and Pantsed Myself Myself at Church!  The following is a true story, some might find it a little unbelievable but those who know me will agree my embarrassing stories sometimes come in streaks.  “One day you will laugh at this” is what my loving DH said to me while I […]

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