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Hysterical Casserole

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Post By: Jenergy

Holy Embarrassing!

Holy Embarrassing… How I Accidentally Spanked and Pantsed Myself Myself at Church!  The following is a true story, some might find it a little unbelievable but those who know me will agree my embarrassing stories sometimes come in streaks.  “One day you will laugh at this” is what my loving DH said to me while I […]

Peeing on a Stick For Answers

Peeing on a Stick: Getting Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions Using the Dipstick Method. Some of my biggest life changing moments were confirmed with a pregnancy test. Whether it was yes or no, pink or blue, negative or positive, I got an answer that was 99% accurate and all I had to do was sprinkle […]

Red Hair vs. Blonde Hair

 Much to My Dismay I Didn’t Grow Up to Be a Carrot-Topped Tatterdemalion. My childhood idols were Anne of Green Gables for her passion and intelligence, Punky Brewster for her fashion sense and fearlessness, Little Orphan Annie for her free spirit and spunk, and Pippi Longstocking for her creative storytelling and totally cool shoulder monkey. I guess […]

Pork on Occasion

Pork on Occasion   I hate small pieces of curvy wood, it reminds me of worms.    I have always been afraid of getting worms, that is why I never eat pork.   Well, maybe if its barbecued or bacon tasting.   There is an old man with a spider vein nose, he looks at me […]

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