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Hysterical Casserole

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Post By: Jenergy

Fighting with Robots

Do you know what I hate?  Robots.   Really Jen, robots?  You don’t mean the programmable automated metal creatures that could be the greatest gift to mankind and an unfulfilled promise of science fiction, do you? Yes, those very ones.  Bah Robots! It all started when I decided to move from Blogspot to my own […]

Bad Parenting at Costco

What does Bad Parenting, The Rock, and Costco have in common? How many steps does it take me to lose my receipt between the checkout line and the exit doors? Answer: About 13. It only takes me 13 steps to unconsciously shove the proof of purchase slip somewhere on my body so that when the […]

Parenting Tips in a Nutshell

Funny parenting tips in a nutshell… Jallas: “MOM! Where is my back pack?” (Watching TV) Me: “Hummm, closet?” Jallas: “MOOOM, where’s my… uh…” (Continues watching TV intently) Me: “Dude. Closet. Look there.” Jallas: “Mom, I need my backpack for school! It’s got my homework in the place thingy, and a paper for you to sign […]

Annoying Kids, IHOP, and Pancakes

Grudging Pancake Eaters do it Forkless “He took the fork out of my hand and stuck it down his pants. What is up with all the annoying kids these days?” The other morning my husband and I had this wild idea that we should take the kids to eat breakfast at IHOP.  We don’t normally go […]

Hysterical PMS Symptoms

They Say: Never Trust Anything that Bleeds for Five Days and Doesn’t Die. And without further ado here is a dramatic visual interpretation of my day. I hope you enjoy it, or don’t, your choice. I know I didn’t. Well, didn’t enjoy today that is. I did enjoy creating my hysterical story though. Anyway, this title is […]

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